Custom Desktop and Laptop Computers

Office Computers

Custom built computers give you the chance to choose how high-end you want to go, when purchasing a computer for your home or office.  If your business needs to have reliability be a top priority then you can equip your custom build with 5 year warranty top quality parts,  or if you dabble in design work you can choose a video card that is just right for the level of work you intend to do.  We can have your software loaded and setup for you so that on arrival your able to log in to QuickBooks, Dragon Naturally speaking, or any other software you might use.

Gaming Computers

Do you want to compete on the highest level, Overclock and liquid cool, push the speed of your custom built computer to the limit?  Custom built gaming computers can put you on the pedestal of greatness if you have the skills to reinforce it.  If you want to play with the titans of gaming, and take home the trophy of awesome then let us build you a machine that can support you on that adventure.  We love to build the biggest baddest towers, so you let us know what game you want to conquer and we’ll arm you with the system that is best suited for your needs.

Custom Laptops

Custom laptops from Jetta, finally you can pick and choose what features and upgrade you want on your laptop before you purchase it and find it lacking.  Options ranging from the small, thin, and lightweight, all the way to the super “run you over with a Mac truck” durability of their rugged Models.  Sleek and gorgeous designs that stand up to the test of time, I’ve had my custom Jetbook Laptop for 10 years and still love it.

McCrea’s Computer Services

Oley, PA